MSOPE has been a respected leader in providing cutting edge learning solutions for businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and Military. Through our on-site training division, we deliver private,       in-house group training tailored to your organization's specific learning objectives delivered whenever and wherever you need it.

World-Class Instructional Content

We take a strategic approach to performance enhancement by designing your training around high-quality, structured content guaranteed to be job relevant and immediately applicable in your workplace. We are experts in making the instructional process clear, succinct and results-oriented for your participants.

Getting your workforce up to speed in specific skills you choose has a dramatic impact on employee performance, productivity and efficiency. Our training has a direct impact on your bottom line, offering and outstanding return on investment.

Dy.nam'ic Leadership Management 2,800.00

Designed for managers and supervisors, this workshop shows you how to apply the powerful advice from MSOPE and equips you with the knowledge and confidence to achieve success in every endeavor you undertake in your job, your relationships, and your life overall. Learn to deal with day-to-day challenges, build real trust, and develop stronger relationships with your team.

There are many details involved in being a successful manager, and these don't just include managing tasks. Developing and coaching your team to create highly capable people produces increased productivity and ultimately better results. With you helping them achieve their goals; you get to bask in the glow of their success.

A sample of the topics include:

Well-trained and well-coached people who have a leader that communicates well and believes in them, are focused, adaptable, and resilient. And when they are being developed, they are more dedicated, excited and productive.

 Dy.nam'ic Customer Service Intelligence 1,895.00 

In today's fierce business arena with so many choices and levels of service, businesses are returning to their customer services to make them stand out among the crowds. This program is one that will take your service team to an elite level of offerings. Learn proven communication skills that are customer friendly with detailed processes and team building techniques that very few companies are delivering. Your team and company will become Dy.nam'ic.

A sample of the topics include: