"The Mississippi School of Protocol and Etiquette's Leadership and Protocol training will sharpen your communications skills, allowing you to become stronger leaders."
Marsha D. Barbour, First Lady of Mississippi
"Your protocol and etiquette presentation to our College Council was truly outstanding. I reviewed the evaluations from the group, and you will be happy to know that you rate among the top presenters in my 30 years as president of the college. I was pleased to be among the group and learned many valuable skills that will certainly be helpful to me as I continue to provide leadership for our college."
Clyde Muse, President: Hinds Community College

"The Mississippi School of Protocol and Etiquette's training is outstanding!" "...it is certainly a pleasure to be of support in helping create future leaders in Mississippi through MSOPE."
Congressman G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery

"Now, thanks to a seminar on business etiquette last week during the Vicksburg-Warren County Chamber of Commerce's August luncheon, I know what is appropriate for a politician when it comes to handshakes and greetings."
Mike Chaney, State Senator

"I'm going to try to install this etiquette lesson with our police department." "I'll know it's working when you get a speeding ticket and you're so excited to say thank you that the ticket doesn't matter."
Mayor Lurence Leyens, Vicksburg, MS

"I truly learned a lot - especially about business card etiquette." "I never knew those things until this powerful training program."
Leslie Miller, Cellular South

"Marsha and I are so impressed with all of the good work you are doing for the children of Mississippi. Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm in this cause."
Governor Haley Barbour, Mississippi

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